Murcia - Via Verde and Sierra Espuña

We have some days off work and get the caravan ready for another expedition in Spain.

The province we choose is Murcia, but not the coast with the Mar Mayor and Cartagena but the inland.

Spain - on the border between Valencia and Albacete

We are eager to go on a weekend trip with our caravan so we head to the area along the border between Valencia and Albacete. I have planned some hiking, but the weather is too hot so we end up spending it in the river.

Rio Cabriel

Roadtrip to Spain

The goal was to get from the Netherlands to Valencia in Spain without paying toll fee. 
So we asked our navigation to get us there and just followed the directions.

Around the Netherlands: Enschede

old church in Enschede

Our last day in the Netherlands we spend in Enschede.

Around the Netherlands: Lemmer - Giethoorn - Enschede

Lemmer - Giethoorn - Enschede

 153 km

Around the Netherlands: Hoorn - Enkhuizen - Lemmer

Hoorn - Enhuizen - Lemmer via the damm

153 km

Around the Netherlands: Rotterdam

Today we visit the impressiv modern market hall building, where we have breakfast at a couple of different stalls - you can sample very delicious food here.

market hall from the outside

Around the Netherlands: Zeeland

Veere from the ferry
We take the bike to get to the ferry from Kamperland to Veere. 
Arriving there we look around this lovley town for a bit - little houses full of flowers, small shops, a pretty harbor with a drawbridge, city walls, town hall and restaurants.

Around the Netherlands: Maastricht

After breakfast outside, we take the bikes again to go into town. 
Today the shops are open and the city is busy.
We walk around the center, looking at the old wall and an remaining city gate and different churches.

Around the Netherlands

Summer 2016 we visited the Netherlands for the first time, travelling with our new caravan.

Easter in Austria

We were all so exited to pick up our new and first caravan from the producer Dopfer in bavaria just before the easter holidays. Of course we immedeately went on a holiday and the destination was Austria.