snow, snow, snow ...

The weather radar showed oncoming snow over night in the eastern parts of Austria, so we prepared our hiking gear for a snow walk the next morning.

ready for a hike ...

Camper´s snow chains

Lots of snow during the night forced us to tire-chain our camper to survive the next kilometres the road down hill as we wanted to reach the starting point of the planned hike.

Camper´s kitchen

Isn´t a camper vans´s kitchen too small for cooking proper meals? We prefer vegetarian food and so we enjoy producing ower own recipes. 

Here we created Tacos with jackfruit, beans, avocado and peach.

See how this is done in our camper kitchen ...

England (8) - Blenheim - Chartwell - Canterbury

Blenheim Palace entrance

The next day our friend picked us up and we visited together Blenheim Palace, not far from Oxford. The palace is named for the 1704 Battle of Blenheim, and thus ultimately after Blindheim (also known as Blenheim) in Bavaria. It was originally intended to be a reward to John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough for his military triumphs against the French and Bavarians in the War of the Spanish Succession, culminating in the Battle of Blenheim.

England (7) - Bottallack -> Oxford

Ruins of the Tin Mine @ Bottallack

The next day we had to work but left in the afternoon driving along the north coast to Bottallack where we had a look at the ruins of the tin mines. 

England (6) - Lanhydrock - Land's End


It was a sunny Sunday and many people were enjoying the gardens of Lanhydrock. It was a short walk to the Victorian country home which once was home to a big family.

England (5) - Jurassic Coast -> Dartmouth

at the Jurassic Coast

The next day was grey and rainy, so we decided to stay put and do some washing, cleaning, work on the computer and so on.

England (4) - Kingston Lacy -> Durdle Door

The next morning we headed down in direction to the coast again until we reached Kingston Lacy, the home of the Bankes family before it was given to the National Trust.

England (2) - Bodiam -> Petworth House

Rye Cathedral

In the morning we first reached Rye, a small and historic harbour town.
We found a parking along the street near the harbour.

England (1) - Dover -> Dungeness

young seagull posing 

After spending the night at the parking directly in front of the ferry we took the one leaving from Dunkirk at 8am.

On the way to England

In the afternoon we left Berlin and drove to a camping on the channel which connects the Spree river with the Havel river (City Camping Süd).
We parked directly at the channel and put our chairs out. While enjoying the sun and the woods around us, we could watch the boats traveling the channel.

now, just relax

Always wear a Leica!

We all like to take pictures of special moments and things we discover.
Since our telephones are more a camera than a communication device some of us capture all their lives and sometimes wonder why we never look at this pictures again.

Thorsten von Overgaard with his Leica 
captured with Pentax K1 85mm prime f1,2

On the other hand some photos are that impressive that we keep them in mind for a long time.


From Vienna we took the highway to Germany and then up to Berlin. We stopped in Selb close to the Czech border for the night and reached Berlin the next afternoon.

Berlin, Brandenburger Tor

Musik Fest

Through the internet we found out about a Musik Fest so we drove to Hollabrunn in the north east of Vienna and a little further until we reached the villages of Grabern.

Red Bull Air Race

Our son had a friend from Belgium coming over for the Red Bull Air Race in Austria, Wiener Neustadt. We decided to join them and in the end we were a party of 8 going there on Saturday.

Mount Ötscher Hard Enduro

Sunrise Mount Ötscher paddock

Before we could go to the Ötscher for the Enduro competition we had to be in Hartberg  (Styria) for some business. We stayed at the camp ground from where it was a short walk into the center.
Hartberg was founded in the 12th century but there are remains of an earlier roman settlement. Although a fire destroyed most of the town in 1715, Hartberg has a beautiful center with many historic buildings.

Ham radio contest - what is it?

As I described in one of the last posts, I'm a licensed ham radio operator. So I'm interested  in all types of ham radio activities. Very popular is "contesting", which means to attend a competition. In a given time (e.g. 24 hours) and frequency range you need to make as many 2 way communications as possible with other radio stations attending the competition.

Ham Radio contest contacts across Europe

Hiking in the Austrian Alps

Kaprun, snow in August!!

After staying at a perfect caravan spot at Gasthof Friedburg, Edi used the morning for ham radio communication while I climbed to the remains of a castle. When we left we wanted a closer look at the mighty Krimmler Waterfall which we had passed when driving from Tyrol into Salzburg via the Gerlos pass.

Once a life time radio contact

As I am a licensed ham radio operator I am allowed to use radio communication equipment to perform radio contacts world wide. This means I can talk to people all across Europe, or to all other continents just using 100 Watt of power, the right radio and antenna.

Märket Reef Finnland , Oj0C most wanted ham radio hot spot, August 2018

Austrian Alps

we left Vienna in the afternoon and took the N1 - the national road to the west. Passing St. Pölten and Melk we finally stopped at Ybbs at the Danube. Caravans can stay for the night at a parking directly at the river and close to the center (48.181162, 15.081862).

nice night view at the Danube river

Czech Republic

Driving north to the Czech Republic we stopped close to the border in Unterretzbach, Austria.


We found a parking at the beginning of the village and walked through empty streets until we reached the restaurant „Pollak’s Retzbacherhof“ which we had chosen to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Into the mountains

It was promised to be another very hot weekend so we were looking for a cool place - and there is no cooler place in Austria than Lunz am See.

Lake at "Lunz am See"

Offroad Training

We spent a day testing our new winch and driving offroad to get a better feeling of what is possible with our "cochecito" and where the limits are.

don´t worry about sloping tracks


Leaving Vienna in the evening we headed to the north east to a region called Waldviertel.
We made it to Mautern at the Danube and stayed there for the night.

Sunrise at the Danube near Mautern, city of Krems in the background

Blues Festival

Sabine Stieger

Last weekend the Blues Festival at Burg Schlaining took place. We drove to the south of the province of Burgenland and found a perfect parking close to the castle. Before the concerts started we visited a craft market at the bailey with many stalls on juwelery, clothes, lavender products and more.

Through France and Germany

We had no concrete plans for France as we hadn’t much time left until we needed to be in Germany, but when we saw the signs for Lourdes we decided to go there. We are not religious but we wanted to see how believe boosts the economy.


Castle of Loarre

We left Javea in the evening they day we sold our house. We could have stayed one more night with the caravan, but instead of bathing in our sorrow about leaving this beautiful place we decided to head straight into new adventures.

Living the caravan live

leaving our home in Java, Spain 

On the 2nd of July 2018 our new live started - we sold our house in Spain and are living now in the caravan.

Austria to Spain - Part 4: Spain

Today the last part of our trip starts, driving back home through Spain with 2 nice stops:

Austria to Spain - Part 3: France


This morning we left Sanremo in Italy and drove along the coast into France. The first town of France - Menton is very pitoresque with a sandy bay and the village on the hill next to it.

Austria to Spain - Part 2: Italy

After crossing the border to Italy we drive down the Kanaltal or Val Canale where the river Fella gets bigger with every stream coming down the high mountains on both sides. The toll free road is in good condition and we enjoy the landscape.

Austria to Spain - Part 1: Austria

We are on holiday and will travel from Austria to Spain in 2 weeks. A relaxed road trip with many stops and lot's to see.

Secret historic places around Vienna

We used a weekend to go and discover some strange places in the north of Austria, an area called Waldviertel. The quarter of Lower Austria which is famous for its forest = Wald.