Musik Fest

Through the internet we found out about a Musik Fest so we drove to Hollabrunn in the north east of Vienna and a little further until we reached the villages of Grabern.

Red Bull Air Race

Our son had a friend from Belgium coming over for the Red Bull Air Race in Austria, Wiener Neustadt. We decided to join them and in the end we were a party of 8 going there on Saturday.

Mount Ötscher Hard Enduro

Sunrise Mount Ötscher paddock

Before we could go to the Ötscher for the Enduro competition we had to be in Hartberg  (Styria) for some business. We stayed at the camp ground from where it was a short walk into the center.
Hartberg was founded in the 12th century but there are remains of an earlier roman settlement. Although a fire destroyed most of the town in 1715, Hartberg has a beautiful center with many historic buildings.

Ham radio contest - what is it?

As I described in one of the last posts, I'm a licensed ham radio operator. So I'm interested  in all types of ham radio activities. Very popular is "contesting", which means to attend a competition. In a given time (e.g. 24 hours) and frequency range you need to make as many 2 way communications as possible with other radio stations attending the competition.

Ham Radio contest contacts across Europe

Hiking in the Austrian Alps

Kaprun, snow in August!!

After staying at a perfect caravan spot at Gasthof Friedburg, Edi used the morning for ham radio communication while I climbed to the remains of a castle. When we left we wanted a closer look at the mighty Krimmler Waterfall which we had passed when driving from Tyrol into Salzburg via the Gerlos pass.

Once a life time radio contact

As I am a licensed ham radio operator I am allowed to use radio communication equipment to perform radio contacts world wide. This means I can talk to people all across Europe, or to all other continents just using 100 Watt of power, the right radio and antenna.

Märket Reef Finnland , Oj0C most wanted ham radio hot spot, August 2018