After returning from Austria, we were happy to be "at home" again. While we were gone, our cochecito was parked in a warehouse close to the airport.

the new bridge of Ronda

Around Antequera

Just outside of Antequera are 2 places we went to visit: the Dolmens from 3800 BC, which impressed us with their size and the Lagunas de Fuente de Piedra, a salt water lake which is inhabited by many birds, especially one of the largest Flamingo colonies in Europe.


Driving down from the Sierra de Torcal, we had a great view over Antequera. A big castle surrounded by a town of white houses with many church towers peaking out.


Sierra de Torcal near Antequera

In the mountains between Málaga and Antequera nature has formed one of the most impressive karst landscapes in Europa, the Sierra de Torcal.

Costa Tropical

Driving south along the Mediterranean coast we stopped first at Salobreña.

way to the castle of Salobreña

The town of white washed houses lies on a steep hill with a moorish castle from the 10th century on top. While wandering the small streets we often had nice views.

Wild, Wild West

Close to Almeria we visited  the "Texas Hollywood" Theme Park near Tabernas.

In the 1960s the landscapes of the desert of Tabernas developed into an exclusive movie location, well known productions such as Sergio Leone´s Westerns, starring Clint Eastwood like "For a Few Dollars More (1965)", "The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966)", and "A Fistful of Dynamite (1972)", were filmed in the western village movie sets as well as the surrounding desert and other well suited spots throughout the remarkable terrains of the province of Almería.

Cabo de Gata

Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata - Nijar - a National Park at the coast of Almería founded in 1987 which saved this beautiful coastline from destruction through speculative tourism development. The coast of about 30 km is a wild and isolated landscape with some of Europe's oldest geological features. The mountain range is characterised by volcanic rock formations in many forms. This part of Spain has the driest climate in Europe and the most beautiful beaches!

Mesa de Roldán

Villa Garcia

Once a beautiful villa by the sea, now abandoned and forgotten. What stories could this house tell? About summer holidays, about a family, children, friends enjoying the summer and the sea? And how did this story end?

Defending Cartagena

Cabo Tiñoso

Whether you have an interest in military history or not, the Cabo Tiñoso west of Cartagena is worth a visit. Already the drive there on a narrow mountain road gives stunning views along the coast.


Cathedral of Murcia

Murcia is a lively town and has a beautiful city centre with its impressive Cathedral and the famous Casino - a club for the wealthy entrepreneurs of the town.


Colegio Santo Domingo and the last remaining gate of the city wall

When we arrived in Orihuela in the evening we took a walk through the center and decided we will need more time for this historic town.

Medieval Market @ Orihuela

When we visited Orihuela we saw that the anual Medieval Market of Orihuela was taking place this weekend, so we stayed one more day and enjoyed the vibes of such a market.

National Park "El Fondo"

Near Elche we discovered the lagunes of "El Fondo" or "El Hondo" - one name seams to be Valenciano ;-)

White spotted Bluethroat