mmm ... Roquefort

Crossing France we looked for attractive stops and found Roquefort, a village where the famous cheese comes from.

Aeronautics @ Toulouse

On our way through France we stopped at Toulouse to dive into the history of aeronautics. We fell in love with all the historic planes gathered there.

Biking San Sebastián

Our last stop in Spain was San Sebastián or Donostia. We parked a little outside and used the bikes to get into the city.

Tapas @ Pamplona

Tapear means going from one Tapa Bar to the next, enjoying a glass of wine or beer acommpanied by a little dish called Tapa. A great thing to do in Pamplona!

Hike @ Lumbier

Foz de Lumbier is a gorge in Navarra which is famous for the colony of vultures which can easily be watched while hiking on a former railway track.

The Spanish desert

From Bardenas Reales, a semi-desert or badlands of some 420 km2 in the south of Navarra, we had seen many great pictures which had aroused our interest in this landscape.

Santo Domingo de Silos

The landscape was again fascinating with red soil alternating with intensive green fields. Soon we reached Santo Domingo de Silos not far from Lerma and Burgos.

The good, the bad & the ugly

We had been to Western film sites in the area of Almeria, but when we found out, that here near Burgos one of the famous Western of Sergio Leone was filmed, we had to visit the site. The landscape was spectacular!

Spectacular Yecla gorge

When visiting Santo Domingo de Silos we went on a short hike into the Yecla gorge, which is easily accessible on a gangway.

Peñaranda de Duero

On our way north from Madrid we stopped at Peñaranda de Duero for the night and discovered a lovely castle and below a little old town with the Plaza Mayor, timbered houses, a pillary and a palace.

Hiking near Madrid

Before reaching Madrid for a flight back to Austria for work, we wanted to do a last hike. We found a spectacular area near El Escorial in the Sierra de Guadarrama.

This nice little fellow crossed our path


From the highway to Salamanca we had already a first impression of the city walls of Ávila, which made it clear: we will have to stop here on the way back. After leaving Salamanca we arrived in Ávila in the evening and the weather was bad, but we hoped for better conditions the next morning.


Salamanca, the famous university town at the Rio Tormes 220 km northwest of Madrid was our next destination in Castile-Leon.  It is also called the "golden city" because the facades of the historical buildings are made of a gold-colored stone which give a special characteristic to this town.

Hike @ San Ildefonso

From Segovia we drove just a short way south, closer to the Sierra de Guadarrama at San Ildefonso. In Austria we have nougat sweets called Ildefonso, so this name sounds mouth watering. But San Ildefonso is known for La Granja - the summer residence of the Spanish Kings.


We didn't reach Segovia by bike along the Via Verde (earlier post) so we drove there instead and got a first impression by walking into town in the late afternoon.

Lost Place @ Via Verde Valle del Eresma

We needed some exercise again, so we looked for the next Via Verde which we found between Segovia and Nava de la Asunción along the former train line which followed the Eresma river.

The Castle of Coca

We stopped at the little town of Coca north of Segovia, which has a fairytale castle we wanted to visit. How different this castle is to the ones we have seen during the last months.