A very wet hike @ Slovenia

"Never go hiking in the mountains unprepared" - that was what we learned again! on this hike.

First hike in Slovenia

From the skiing area at the Rogla a lovely hike starts, which leads to a moor and some dark lakes which had a special surprise for us.

First stop in Slovenia

Finally time to visit Slovenia! We came from Austria and headed first to Maribor, which was not far from the border.

Baking cakes

Our little oven has already served us well many times. Now it was time to try some cakes.

Rax hike

Another short escape from Vienna lead as to the region of the "Wiener Hausberge" again. We had planned to climb through the Weichtalklamm - a canyon starting in the Höllental which separates the Rax from the Schneeberg, but this route was closed for forest works.

Türkenbund-Lilie - Turk's cap lily

Cordy´s vegetable stew @ outdoor kitchen

As a vegetarian, to toss some veggies into a pan is my favourite food. Depending on what the fridge has to offer and what spices I pick every time a different dish is created.

Mounting the rear tow hook

As we removed the trailer hitch because we did not need it in normal travelling, we also lost the rear tow hook. Therefore we needed a simple solution for recovery situations.
In our workshop we found the original hook for the steel rope of our WARN winch, which is not in use because of the installed nylon rope on our camper.

Very short ferry trip

When we travelled along the border of Slovakia to Austria we saw signs telling us that the border is only open between 08:00 and 22:00. We wondered why a border between 2 Schengen countries could only be open at a specific time. When we saw the ferry it was quite clear.

Winch recovery training

As we have equipped our camper with a winch, we need to practice the usage to get some experience for the case of recovery situations.

Main switch for the winch

Washing day @ Passau

When the bags with dirty washing are pilling high, it is time to find a launderette. This time we stopped in Passau/Germany to do our washing.

Lakeside Tortillas

We love our new BBQ and are trying different things at our outdoor kitchen whenever we can. This beautiful spot at a Slovakian lake was perfect for a new challenge - Tortillas!

Exploring Slovakia

From our camping near Bratislava we travelled north to visit a castle and in the late afternoon we found a hidden spot at a lake to stay for the night.

Bratislava City hike

Bratislava is the young capital city of Slovakia directly at the border to Austria and Hungary. The city centre is full of live with many bars and restaurants.

Devín Castle

On our first day in Slovakia we visited Devín Castle and were lucky to arrive during the festival for the typical current wine.

1st anniversary

One year of living in a caravan! And we enjoyed every day which made us celebrate this anniversary.

Historic steam train hike @ Schneeberg

Taking our son to the Austrian mountains had to include a ride with the historic steam train at the Schneeberg near Vienna!

Steam Train working since 1900 @ Schneeberg

Family hike @ Rax

We had picked up our son from his job in Vienna to spend a weekend hiking in the Alpes.
There are 2 prominent mountains at the south eastern end of the Alpes which we wanted to show him: Rax and Schneeberg.

Caution: stay clear of the livestock