Classic 1963 UNIMOG @ Globetrotter Rodeo

We met our son at the Globe Trotter Rodeo in Austria to spend some adventure days together. As we arrived he was already offroading with his 1963 UNIMOG 411 at the Erzberg.

Yellow sticker for the car to enter the off road area

Deep mud @ Styria

Every year in August overlanders and 4x4 enthusiasts meet at the Styrian Erzberg in Austria for the Globetrotter Rodeo to party, chat about traveling, 4x4 trucks and offroading!

Is this the right terrain for a camper van?

Berglsteiner See walk

We had to be in Tyrol/Austria for work, but there was enough time for a lovely hike in the Austrian Alps.

Edi´s famous fried eggs

Since we have our Cadac Safari Chef, outdoor cooking is so much fun that we start already at breakfast with some fried eggs.


After the little accident with our navigation system we were on the way through Bavaria when we stopped at the lovely town of Oberammergau.

Mercedes suicide radio

DANGER: pairing your bluetooth phone with the original Mercedes car Radio could cause the suicide of the Mercedes device!

Father & Son Race days

On one of the hottest days in August we decided to go to Hungary for off road biking and  to go for Supermoto on a racetrack in Austria near Vienna the next day.

Very good Monty, rear and front braking into the left hander ...