Lost historical monument @ Buzludzha (Бузлуджа)

When driving over the Shipka Pass we took a detour to visit a famous communist monument built high on top of a mountain.

Walk around the little Bulgarian village Merdanya (Мерданя)

We stayed another day at the camping near Veliko Tarnovo and went for a walk through the valley and to the village nearby.

With the support of the European Union ....

Maybe this "Support of the European Union" for Bulgaria reached the wrong hands ...

Veliko Tarnovo - the historic capital of Bulgaria

Where the Yantra River makes same fascinating bends lies the old capital of the Bulgarian kings.

Main gate at Tsarevets

On the road in Bulgaria

We were leaving the coast at Nesebar and travelling inland to Veliko Tarnovo - the old capital of Bulgaria. Here some impressions from a day on the road:

Nesebar @ Black Sea

The sun was back - perfect to visit the historic town of Nesebar at the Black Sea with its many churches on an "island".

@ Bulgarian Border & Varna (Варна)

We left Romania to travel along the coast to Bulgaria. We made a couple of interesting stops before we reached a lovely seaside resort.

NON StOP COFFE @ the border

@ Danube Delta

Visiting the Danube Delta was a must when we reached this region. We took a boat from Tulcea, the hub for Delta tours.

On the way to the Black Sea

From Bucharest we are now on the way to the Black Sea, travelling through villages and crossing the Danube to reach the coast near Constanta.

See Bucharest

Today we visited the capital of Romania: Bucharest and we had something to celebrate too!

NO! It's not Paris, it's Bucharest!

On the road to Bucharest

We were leaving Transylvania and driving over the last mountains into Walachia, the southern region of Romania and to the capital Bucharest.

Slow traffic ...

Dracula @ Transylvania

You haven't been to Romania if you haven't visited the castle of Dracula - or what the legend wants us to believe was the castle of this figure, invented by Bram Stoker.

Yes, we visited before midnight!

240 km, 8 hours ...

... that is the famous Transfăgărășan - a mountain road crossing the southern section of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania.

Sibiu / Hermannstadt

Today we visited Sibiu -  European Capital of Culture in 2007 and one of the most important cultural centres of Romania. It is the centre of the Transylvanian Saxons and a beautiful city full of live. It was ranked as "Europe's 8th-most idyllic place to live" by Forbes in 2008.

Transylvania: Alba Iulia & Câlnik castle

Travelling through Transylvania we visited the star-shaped Romanian fortress in Alba Iulia and the tiny castle of Câlnik, but again there was so much to see while driving through the country.

Corvin Castle @ Transylvania

The highlight on the way to Sibiu was the Corvin Castle in Hunedoara, but travelling through the villages also gave a good impression of this part of the country.

On the way to Timisoara (Romania)

Not far from Szeged we reached the border to Romania and travelled eastwards through the Pannonian Plain until Timisoara.

Feszty Panorama & Szeged

The next day was sunny again and we visited the Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park with the famous Feszty Panorama before we continued our journey to our last town in Hungary: Szeged.

On the road in Hungary

A short post from the road with some impressions of the landscape and villages we were passing.


We left Budapest and stopped at Queen Elizabeth's castle in Gödöllő,  before we continued into the Hungarian Puszta and visited a typical ranch called Tanya.

Exploring Budapest

Another day to explore Budapest led us to a grand train station, the Metro Museum, a famous coffeehouse and the Vasarely Museum. Many impressions of this fascinating town.


Budapest - not so far from Vienna, but still a town we had not visited before.

Hungarian Parliament

Following Beethoven´s love story

After a hike around the Tihany peninsula we were on the way to Budapest. Half way we visited the Brunsvik palace, where Beethoven fell in love with Josephine.

On the way to Balaton

Travelling from Bük to Lake Balaton, we stopped at 2 very different castles before we reached the beautiful lake of my childhood.

Blue hour @ lake BALATON

We enter Hungary

We are now on our way to Greece, exploring Hungary first. The first highlight just after the border to Austria was the Palace of Esterháza in Fertöd.

African sweet corn fritters

When our son joined us for breakfast it was time for a special treat which is for us connected with one of our journeys to Africa: sweet corn fritters!