The Mani and the home of Hades

Today the Mani Peninsula had to be discovered! We drove most of the way and hiked the last part to the cape where Greek legend placed the home of Hades.

A ship wreck & a crash test

We were on the way to this ship wreck when we had a little crash into a balcony :-(

Hike @ Cap Maleas

A hike took us close to Cap Maleas in the southeast of the Peloponnese with great views along the coast. 

Parking for the night

@ Monemvasia

Monemvasia is one of the highlights on the Peloponnese through its position on a special island just off the coast.

BBQ at the beach

We were looking for a nice place at the coast South of Leonidio and found the bay of Fokianós, where we enjoyed the beach and the greek taverns.

Medieval City & Monastery

We had landed at Geraki by accident while searching for a parking for the night. But the historic castle and city was a great experience. Afterwards we drove through the mountains again and visited the Monastery of Elona in the Defnon valley.

Incredible frescos at Geraki 

Hike @ Polydroso

 We left the coast near Astros to explore the Parnon mountains where we wanted to go on a hike at Polydroso.

Harvest time

A hike @ Náfplio

Náfplio is a lovely harbour town in the south east of Peloponnese from where we took a walk along the coast and back to the centre.

How to charge the on board water tank with natural spring water ...

What if there is no camp ground or service point with tap water connection on your way?

Fresh spring water


From the coast we drove inland to Epidaurus but stopped first at the dolines of Didyma.

The famous theatre of Epidaurus

Poros & Hydra

There were 2 islands we wanted to visit: Poros just of the coast and Hydra, a bigger but car free island in the south.

The volcano island

We explored the volcanic peninsula of Méthana where you still can see the last lava flows of the area.

@ Corinth

We had to cross the Canal of Corinth to reach the Peloponnese, where we want to spend the next month.

Canal of Corinth at night

Olymp & Meteora

After crossing the Olymp mountain range we reached the truly fascinating landscape of Meteora with its monasteries.

Arriving @ Greece

Greece greeted us with a roman play at a historic town and a castle at the sea on a beautiful day.

Pyramids, a Monastery and a Bulgarian wine tasting .....

On the way from Sophia to the Greek border were some interesting things to discover: sand pyramids, a little monastery and in the evening a winery, where we could taste different Bulgarian wines.

Let's visit Sofia (София)

Sofia was another surprise on our tour through the south east of Europe. We enjoyed our day at this lively and green city.

Changing of the guard

Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila

Visiting the Rila Monastery was definitely an outstanding experience on our trip through Bulgaria!

@ Plovdiv (Пловдив)

On the way to the mountains of the Balkan we stopped at Plovdiv - the second largest city after Sofia and the cultural capital of Bulgaria - this year even the European Capital of Culture!