Lost place "Dionysos Village"

If you drive east along the coast from Sitia you will see a little village at the sea side from the distance which looks different somehow.  Something looks wrong, somehow lost. We stopped at the closed gate to explore the story of the "Dionysos Village" ...


Yesterday we saw many artefacts found at Knossos, today we went to discover the largest Bronze Age archaeological site which has been called Europe's oldest city.

Rebuilt part of the palace

@ Heraklion

Arriving in Heraklion by ferry we spent the first day exploring the city and visiting the Archeological Museum which houses all the important finds on the Minoan culture from all over Crete.

On the way to Kreta

After our tour through the Peloponnese we now wanted to visit Crete, the largest island of Greece and the 5th largest of the Mediterranean Sea. Crete lies about 100 km south of the Greek mainland which meant a ferry ride of 9 hours.

The Acropolis of Athens

Before flying back to Vienna for a week of work, we spent a day at Athens and visited the famous Acropolis.

Greek Chapels

If you ever have been to Greece, you will have noticed the little chapels which people erect next to the street. They come in many different shapes and this post is solely dedicated to them.


Today Mycenae was on our program - the centre of Greek civilisation in the 2nd millennium BC! I was looking forward to visit the famous Lion Gate and the Cyclopean Walls of this incredibly old town.

The Lion Gate at Mycenae, the only known monumental sculpture of Bronze Age Greece

Rainy day on the road to Neméa

There isn't only sunshine in Greece. Nevertheless we had a great trip from the northern coast through the mountains to Neméa, where an interesting archeological site has a well preserved stadium.

At the beach of our Camping Stop


If Olympia makes you think of the 5 interlocking rings and endless hours in front of the TV, I can tell you there is much more in regard of the history of this games. The sanctuary where the games were carried out in Antiquity lay under 4 m of soil before it was uncovered again in the 19th century.

The Horseshoe Bay

Today our hike lead us to a lagoon, a castle and the most beautiful bay I have seen - the Voidoikilia beach shaped like the letter Omega.

Repairing the Box

As we crashed our "cochecito" into a balcony and caused some damage on the box we needed to repair the critical part of the skin.
In Kalamata we found a shop for motor boats which could provide the materials we looked for.

Materials for 21.- Euros to repair the damage

South of Messinia

As we had circled the two first "fingers" of the Peloponnese we also made a tour around the third one, visiting 2 cute little villages with Venetian castles: Koroni and Methoni!

The Polylimnio waterfall hike

We didn't expect too much when we read about a waterfall just off the road from Kalamata to Pílos, but we were surprised with what we found.

Exploring Mystras

Mystras - once a Byzantine medieval town with several ten thousand inhabitants - was not only an interesting historic sight but also a hike up the mountains.

The Spartan Race

What luck we just arrived at Sparta the day the Trifecta World Championship started!!

On the way to Sparta

A fantastic road connects Kalamáta with Sparta, crossing the Taígettos mountains over a pass at 1.300 metres.

Mani fortification

The historic houses at the Mani peninsula are outstanding and today we went to visit the Mourtzinos fortification in Kardamyli on the west coast.

Hike @ Kelefa

From this beautiful bay at the Mani peninsula starts a hike which promised a castle, a village, a monastery and a canyon - we got all of that and more.

Lost Monastery Sotiras

After ending the last day at the harbour of Kótronas we had parked there for the night. The next morning we decided to hike up to the monastery of Sotiras.