Winter walk & a monastery

Near Rethymno the Mili gorge was once filled with mills producing the flour for the island, nowadays there are only some ruins left, but the gorge provides a nice walk along the river. Afterwards we visited one of the most important monasteries of Crete: Arkadi monastery.

Snow covered mountains & a swim at a lonesome bay

Winter had arrived in Crete, with the mountains covered in snow. But down at the coast the weather was nice again and when we discovered the most beautiful bay, I couldn't resist and go for a swim.

@ Rethymno

Rethymno in the north of Greece lies between Chania and Heraklion. It is another city where also in winter live goes on, which we enjoyed after so many places which seamed abandoned after the tourist season in summer.

Fortezza of Rethymno

Balos Beach

The north western tip of Crete is a peninsula inhabited only by sheep and goats. But there is one beach not many can resist to visit: Balos beach with its turquoise lagoon!

A hike and a birthday!

For celebrating my birthday we drove to the north of Crete to the town of Chania but first a birthday hike was on my wish list. The Samaria gorge would have been the perfect hike, but sadly it is closed every winter already from mid October and doesn't open before mid of May. But we found another gorge called Imbros, which was perfect for a short hike during not so perfect weather.

Harbour of Chania

Around Cape Kako Mouri

From our next stop at the village of Plakiás with a beautiful sandy beach we took a hike around a headland which had some nice surprises for us.

View back to Plakiás

Have you heard of Matala?

If you are into the Greek myths you might have heard that Zeus seduced princess Europa in the form of a white bull, crossed the sea and brought her to the beach of Matala. There he changed into an eagle and flew her to Gortys where they had a son which was king Minos.

Or you might have heard about Matala as the Hippie hub of the 60s!

Caves from the Neolithic Age in the northern cliff of the bay

On the road in Crete

Driving through Crete with our caravan is not as difficult as we suspected. The roads are in general very good, but also here the good road often ends suddenly and your are stuck in a tiny village with this dangerous balconies we have already made contact with at the Peloponnese. (See here)

Hike @ Pervolakia Gorge

Crete is full of beautiful gorges and everyone is different. This one in the south east of Crete was another great hike, again we were the only people there and of course no bar or restaurant was open.

Valley of the Death

Luckily this valley isn't called Valley of the Death because of so many dead hikers but because of the caves the Minoans had used to bury their dead. This valley with its imposing walls of about 200 metres hight is also a part of the E4, the longest of all European long-distance hiking trails. From here the E4 continues on Cyprus, which is the eastern end.

Ítanos & Sitía

From Sitía we went on a tour to the north eastern peninsula of Crete which is the driest part of the island, with a desert like landscape without any trees.

Access road to a radar station which crumbles on the edges

Exploring the ancient water supply @ Mesonas gorge

A hike starting in Kavoúsi led us high into the mountains and back down along a water channel through a fantastic valley back to one of the oldest olive trees and finally the village again.

Solving a major infrastructural problem .....

Some times a day starts with bad surprise. The toilet stopped working. Somehow the waste pipe system seems to be blocked. Lets see how to solve the infrastructural inconvenience.

The Chauga Gorge Hike

A truely fantastic gorge lies just inland from Ágios Nikólaos near the lovely village of Kritsá. It is called Chauga Gorge and leads through a very narrow valley with washed out walls.

Gorge of Aposelémis hike

Our first hike at Crete led us through the Gorge of Aposelémis near Heraklion, for sure one of many gorges we will hike on this island.