Big cities once dominated the area east of Antalya. One of them was Aspendos, which fascinated us with its nearly complete theatre which is said to be the best-preserved theatre of antiquity. But there was more that the Romans had left here and we went to explore it.

Theatre of Aspendos


Yes, another ancient city, and an important one, and of course not the last one. You might think we are obsessed with ancient cities. Maybe! But every one of them surprises us again, with their size, their luxury, their standard of living at a time when in Central Europe we were still sitting around the fire place living in wooden huts.

Detail of the marble panelling at the stage of the theatre


From Antalya it is a short drive to visit an ancient town which lies in the Taurus mountains only 30 km from Antalya but at 1.000 metres. Here nothing was excavated and all the stones lie as the earthquakes had thrown them hundreds of years ago. Even more fascinating for us was the immense necropolis which was met by the same fate.

Upper city wall of Termessos

New glasses @ Antalya

I needed new glasses and thought I'd give it a try in Antalya, where we had seen opticians advertising also in English and German.

75000 Km Service inspection @ Antalya

We are currently in Turkey and our "cochecito" indicates the next upcoming service inspection after about 73000 kilometres of duty. We decided to check if we could do the "original Mercedes inspection" in Antalya. 

Whats App conversation with Mercedes Antalya


Actually we were not surprised when we walked into the mountains behind Çirali, to find little fires burning between the rocks, but just imagine you reached this spot and had no idea!

Olympos in Turkey

We reached Olympos more on accident than intentionally, but when our navigation took us there, implying that this is the road to Çirali and sending us through a ford, we bought the tickets and went on a walk through the jungle.

Crossing the river to get to Olympos

Hike @ Adrasan to the lighthouse

We had traveled further along the coast and spent the night at Adrian, from where we hiked along the coast until we reached a little lighthouse.

Building near the lighthouse

Chat with Anthony @ Arykanda

From Finike we wanted to find the archeological site of Limyra, but missed the turnoff and landed instead further inland at Arykanda, where we met a lovely old man, who showed us around.

Anthony Quinn dubber

Saint Nicolaus, the sunken city and Myra

Do you know where St. Nicolas comes from? He was born in Patara (which we had visited the day before) around 280 AD but he was bishop of Myra in the first half of the 4th century. And Myra was the town we wanted to visit today.

Hike @ Kaş

We had reached the lovely town of Kaş, where we did some exploring in town but also took a hike along the coast to some temple tombs at a cliff above the sea.

Sarcophagus in the middle of nowhere


From our sunset point we took a walk along the coast and to the archeological site of Patara, once the capital of Lycia. The route back was a "shortcut" through the dunes with some detours around wet areas.

Starting down to the beach

Saklikent & the perfect sunset spot

Saklikent is a very impressive canyon and in summer a favourite destination with the Turks because the canyon is much cooler than the coast. In winter this place is deserted but we still wanted to see the canyon.

Kabak valley & a mountain road

Not far from Ölüdeniz we went for another hike through a beautiful valley with impressive mountains directly at the coast.

Strawberry tree

Hike @ Ölüdeniz

Our first hike in Turkey led us from the famous Ölüdeniz beach along the coast with fantastic views.


Kaunos was another ancient town but again special due to the famous temple tombs cut into the rock cliff and the delta of the river Kaunos below them. We had waited a day to have good weather which certainly had paid off.

Temple tombs cut into the cliff

Updating the shocks @ the rear axle

The original Mercedes rear shocks are too weak to handle the heavy load of the caravan in critical situations. The car tends to waver and totter which makes it difficult to handle.

All the tools needed for the replacement of the rear shocks @ Fethiye, Turkey.

Priene & Didyma

Priene and Didyma were two ancient sites from which we didn't expect too much but both surprised us. The size of the unfinished temple of Didyma was incredible and Priene fascinated with its position and easy to recognise street layout. The vegetation gave it an enchanted flair.

Temple @ Didyma

@ Ephesus

Today the exceptional remains of Ephesus and the town of Selçuk and Kusadasi were to be discovered. We had a splendid day as the weather was much better than the days before and we could enjoy walking around.

Library of Celsus

Car rescue @ the beach

The beach near Ephesos was well visited by locals driving up and down on the sand, but not all of them were careful enough and got stuck. Some managed to get out on their own, another one needed some recue.

@ Pergamon

From Troy we were on the way south again and reached Bergama with the ancient Greek city of Pergamon on top of a hill.

Temple of Trajan


On the first day of the new year we had crossed the border to Turkey, continued south to Çanakkale and finally reached Troy, the first archeological site on our route.

Greece -> Austria -> Turkey

We were now leaving Crete to drive/fly home for Christmas. As soon as we came back we took the route to Turkey where we want to spend the next 2 months. Off to new adventures!

Xmas car wash