Split & Trogir

Split & Trogir - 2 cities at the Croatian coast but very different in size and atmosphere. We took a walk through both but didn't try to compare them, just enjoying the old centres while walking through  narrow alleys.


Detour to Mostar

From the coast we drove inland to visit Mostar with its famous bridge, but also a necropolis with medieval tomb stones and a Dervish monastery, the Blagaj tekke.

The wall of Ston & the island of Korčula

On our way to Korčula we first came past Ston with its fascinating wall before we got to the ferry and after a short ride had reached the island. The Croatian islands with their small venetian towns decorated with big palm trees were a delight to explore.

Korčula at sunrise


The most southern town of Croatia and the most famous one in the whole Balkan is Dubrovnik. Everybody wants to visit Dubrovnik but luckily at this time of the year there were no cruise ships dropping hundreds of tourists at the harbour.

The bay of Kotor

The bay of Kotor is an UNESCO World Heritage Site in Montenegro for its well preserved medieval towns around the bay and the natural environment with its high mountains. We wanted to explore this area by bike.

Reaching Montenegro

From Shkodër it was not far to the border of Montenegro. We were looking forward to get there especially as we were going to visit a friend!

The Photographer of Albania & the old bridge

We were now in the most northern town of Albania: Shkodër. In the centre of town a museum dedicated to the photography studio of the Marubi family got our interest and afterwards we found an old bridge not far from Shkodër.

Gjadër Air Base

In the north of Albania we had found a lost military airbase from the communist era. On the internet there are some really interesting pictures of this place, so we went to have a look.

Driving over the lost airfield

Prizren @ Kosovo

Coming from Skopje, we entered Kosovo and drove over the Prevela pass until we reached Prizren. It was the day before the Day of Independence of Kosovo and everywhere flags were put up and people were enjoying the good weather in the mountains and in the town of Prizren.


We had reached Skopje, the capital of (North) Macedonia, where we joined a guided tour to learn more about this city. Maybe something we should do more often, as you get to ask all your questions, which doesn't work with a travel book.

Arriving in (North) Macedonia @ Ohrid

From the Albanian side of Lake Ohrid we drove around the lake and reached Macedonia and the town of Ohrid with its many churches. The weather got better and we had a great impression of this wonderful lake.

Church of St. John at Kaneo

On the way to Lake Ohrid

We had planned to visit two sites, one in Tirana another close to Lake Ohrid, but both didn't work out, nevertheless we had an interesting day which ended with a fabulous dinner at a very original restaurant.

Mercedes is the Albanian's favourite car from classics to the current top model
(Mercedes Benz /8 introduced in 1968)


We had reached Tirana and from our parking we went to explore this vibrant city with many traces of its communist past still visible.


Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, fascinated us with its beautiful historic buildings and a fortified city on top of the hill overlooking the narrow valley.

Lost power plant @ Fier

On our route to Berat we passed Fier where we saw huge industrial structures on the city outskirts. We already knew about the "lost power plant" from another travel blog so we went to have a look.

Crossing the Llogara pass

Today we were driving north along the coast in direction of the Llogara pass but first we found a small peninsula with a castle of Ali Pasha and a submarine bunker of Cold War times.


Driving over a pass into the next valley we reached Gjirokastër on a perfectly sunny day. Great to explore this town with traditionally slate covered houses.

Reaching Albania

We had crossed Greece in 3 days and had spent the night on the last beach before the border to Albania. Now it was time to explore a new country!

Returning to Europe

After we had reached Çanakkale at the Dardanelles it was a short ride to the other side which is already Europe and to reach the border to Greece.

Seagull following our ship

Turkey, our impressions

We had spent more than a month in Turkey, which was for sure not enough and we will have to come back as there is much more to see. Here our impressions of travelling with a caravan through Turkey - some pictures from the road and some experiences.

The treasure of Croesus

On our way across western Turkey we came through Uşak, where the treasure of Croesus is exhibited at the local museum. For sure worth a stop and a break from driving.

Golden hippocamp

Snow @ Sagalassos

We were now on our way back from the south coast of Turkey in direction to Çanakkale crossing the country to get an impression not only of the coast but also of the interior. Our first stop was at a caravanserai but the highlight was the ancient town of Sagalassos high in the mountains!

Sagalassos in winter

Alanya & the Barber

We had reached Alanya, which will be our most eastern town of Turkey on this journey. Tomorrow we will be on our way back to Europe, but first we wanted to visit this lovely town which lies around a hill which stands out from the coast.

Castle hill of Alanya

The ruins of Side

At the harbour town of Side Roman ruins, modern houses and sand dunes are mixed together and give this little town a very special flair.
Cruising the dunes of Side