Our Corona diary, week 2

The 2nd week of self isolation starts with our birthday celebration for Monty who turns twenty. We celebrate on March 21st, a week in advance because he is leaving our current location to start his new "crisis job" supporting critical infrastructure for the Austrian broadcast company ORF.

Happy birthday!

Our Corona diary, week 1

March 14, 2020

We arrived from Hungary with our caravan and our son came from Utrecht with the last possible flight just before the lockdown for all public life was enforced. Lucky to be together, but curious what will come:

Meeting first time again after three months

Updating the spring @ the rear axle

The last scheduled stop on our way to Vienna was the update of the rear compound spring of our camper. We hope to improve handling on road and gaining ground clearance of the cabin for better off road ability. A traditional black smith specialised in repair and enforcement of leaf suspensions made a perfect job!

Last miles home

Our route home through Hungary led us past Lake Balaton and Budapest to the northern border along the Danube and back to Austria.

Catching a treat in mid air!

Rescue equipment made in Budapest

If you ever got really stuck with your 4x4 in difficult sandy or muddy terrain, maybe you wished for sand ladders like these .....

Lazlo and Cordy discussing the usage of the new toys

The Fortress & homo neanderthalensis

After our visit to Zagreb we drove north-west to a hilly area dotted with little houses and vineyards, where we went to explore a castle at the border to Slovenia and an important discovery of Neanderthal men.

Veliki Tabor

City walk @ Zagreb

A sunny day to visit Zagreb, the biggest town and capital of Croatia. We took a walk from the train station to the most important places and sights, enjoying the market and lively streets of the centre.

Ban Jelačić Square with his statue in the middle

Nine Alpha One Alpha

In Zagreb we met Emil (9A9A) to visit one of the world leading Ham Radio Contest stations. To see this station is like visiting a Formula One racing team, or the opportunity to sail a Americas Cup yacht!

The short wave radio communication antenna farm @ sunset

Karlovac @ Croatia

On the way to Zagreb we came past Karlovac, which is famous for the Croatian beer brand. It is a very green town next to a river and we decided to take the bikes to explore the area a little bit.

Plitvice Lakes @ Croatia

We had waited a day for better weather before we went to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, famous for its lakes, cascades and waterfalls.

Island hike & wildlife

From the island of Pašman it was just a short drive over a bridge to get to the neighbouring island of Ugljan, where we went for another hike up to a fortress.

Dangerous processionary caterpillar

Island hike @ Pašman

We did a hop to another island of Croatia, this time it was Pašman, just south of Zadar. Directly from the harbour a great hike starts, which we enjoyed very much with this beautiful weather.

The famous Krka Falls

We had perfect weather again we didn't waste any time and headed straight to the Krka National Park, where we walked along the river until we reached the very impressive falls.